Local Rank Tracker

Track any business rankings and monitor their search position over time

Introducing Local Ranking's Local Rank Tracker

Local Rank Tracker is the ultimate way to visualize local rankings in a geographic area like a city or town. The tool determines your rank position in a GeoGrid covering your target city.

Depending on the size of the grid, each square within the grid represents a block or several blocks. Inside each square is a number showing your position in the search results based on a local search in that exact location.

This level of insight gives you an unfair advantage over competitors and enables you to track local search rankings all over the city and keep track of movements in search position in specific areas.

Check your local ranking live now.


Track your Local Rankings on a Map

Local Rank Tracker provides local rankings in a GeoGrid overlaid on a search area that you define. You can create a small 300-foot search area or you can scale it all the way up to a 5 mile search area.

Once you've created your search area, we divide it into a matrix called a GeoGrid. We then run your target search term in each block of the GeoGrid and look for the business in the search results.

This geospatial data provides an unparalleled level of insight as to how your local rank changes based on the physical location of the search.


Keep Tabs on Competitor Local Rankings

Another great feature of Local Rank Tracker is the ability to spy on your local competitors and check their local rankings on the GeoGrid.

Knowing how your top local competitors are ranking on Google and Google Maps can help you understand their local SEO tactics.

Competitive intelligence is an important piece of the data puzzle when devising your local SEO strategies for clients or for your business.


See your Rankings Change Visually over time like a Heatmap

Local Rank Tracker Tool not only runs local searches on-demand but you can also save your searches and track performance over time (weekly, fortnightly or monthly).

This is great for digital agencies who onboard a new client and can track the performance of their local SEO work showing tangible results to their clients on the GeoGrid.

For businesses, tracking the improvement of your local search rankings can be correlated with website traffic or leads so you can help communicate the ROI of your local marketing activities to management and stakeholders.


Completely Customize your GeoGrid

With the Local Rank Tracker you can customize any part of your search including the zoom range, the grid size (number of searches within the range) and the search keywords.

This level of customization helps you refine your GeoGrid searches to showcase your local rankings at the exact level of locality for each business.

How Local Rank Tracker can help your business

  • Visualize your search rankings on a GeoGrid and see how the position changes across the
  • Improve your local rankings on search engines and track changes visually like a heatmap
  • See how your local rankings compare against competitors and track their position too
  • Track and report on multiple Google locations, perfect for franchise businesses

Check your local ranking live now.