GBP Audit Tool

Find out how your Google Business Profile stacks up with an audit that runs in seconds


The Google Business Profile (GBP) Audit Tool provides a health check of any Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) across the most important factors, perfect for sharing with clients, prospective clients or colleagues.

The tool audits the Info, Posts, Ratings & Reviews, Messages, Photos and category-specific pages to provide an overall score with Recommendations on how to improve.

For local businesses starting out or for agencies who have just onboarded a new client, a GBP Audit is the first place to start and helps identify the areas needed for improvement and importantly, how to improve them.


The Ultimate GBP Health Check

GBP Audit Tool runs checks across your GBP Business Profile and returns the results in a consolidated audit report to help you identify ideas for improvement.

The tool also analyzes each check and provides an overall numeric score (1 to 100) to help communicate overall performance quickly in one metric to clients or potential clients. The audit also includes a list of Recommendations for improving the GBP Business Profile.

For businesses with many locations, the overall score can be used as a ranking mechanism to sort locations by highest to lowest performance.


Audit one, Audit many

Google Business Profile Audit Tool doesn't just audit the Google Business Profiles you manage - in fact you can audit any Google location in the world in a matter of seconds.

This makes GBP Audit reports perfect for digital agencies running new business processes or businesses who want to run competitive audits on all their locations and local competitors.

Domain local SEO and keep track of the local search metrics that matter most to you, whether that be traffic, interations, foot traffic, etc.


Local Business Lead Gen Tool

The GBP Audit Tool is perfect for new business prospecting and generating new local business leads for your agency.

You can create GBP Audits for any business location and use the results to target certain businesses or provide audits to businesses as a value-add up front.

The GBP Audit Tool enables your agency to scale lead gen and convert more clients, all at the touch of a button.


Drive Increased Foot Traffic

It all starts with an Audit. Once you've implemented our Recommendations to improve your GBP Profile, you will be better placed to increase your rank in local searches and in the map pack.

More visibility on Google means more foot traffic and more potential customers visiting, reviewing and buying from your local business.

How GBP Audit Tool can help your business

Everything starts with an audit. Without an audit, there's no way to objectively measure the performance of optimizations made to your Google Business Profile. Use GBP Audit Tool to baseline, benchmark and measure the health of your GBP Business Profile.

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