Google Review Management Software

Maintain your online reputation by managing and responding to all your Google Reviews in one place.

If you manage multiple Google My Business / Business Profile Listings, either as a business or agency, it can be difficult to track, respond and report on all your ratings and reviews via Google’s interface.

Often you’ll need to switch between GMB Profiles or even Google Accounts entirely, and it’s easy to miss important negative reviews that need to be responded to immediately.


Consolidated Review Management Dashboard

Local Ranking’s pull Google Reviews from all your accounts and listings into one streamlined dashboard saving time and giving you the power to identify and tackle review priorities in a timely manner.

We can handle reviews from 10s and even hundreds of locations.


Search, sort and filter

Our advanced filtering helps you quickly find negative reviews or unresponded reviews with ease.

You can sort and filter by account, listing, rating, date, and response status across all your reviews or search for particular negative keywords.

This helps you prioritize your response workload, address negative reviews faster and more consistently and ultimately stay on top of your organization’s reputation management.

Why Review Management?

Reviews are critical to business success

Your Google Rating & Reviews are one of the first things presented alongside your business when users discover you while browsing or via local searches like ‘cafe near me’.

Studies also show that over 90% of potential customers check online reviews before making the decision to visit or purchase from a Local Business.

So these reviews can have a critical impact on the success of your business, and building trust via reviews is one of the most important steps a Local Business can take to attract new customers.

Manage Negative Reviews

Negative reviews aren’t necessarily bad - customers understand not every rating may be 5 stars, but it’s how the business responds, and how quickly they can address issues publicly that is important.

Responding to all Google reviews (good and bad) is vital for helping to build trust and credibility with prospective customers seeing your Business Profile for the first time, and the right tools help you do just that.

Improve Local SEO

It’s been shown that text content used in reviews and responses are becoming a strong Local SEO ranking signal, informing search engines of what things your business does business in, and should rank for.

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to rank better through optimizing your review and response text.

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