How to Add Appointment Links to Google My Business

Aug 24, 2023

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What are appointment links in Google My Business?
How to add appointment links to Google My Business
What are the benefits of adding appointment links in GMB
Are you eligible for adding an appointment link in GMB?
Wrapping up

As a business owner, you want to make it as easy as possible for potential customers to connect and engage with your services. This is where Google My Business comes into play.

Not only does it allow you to manage your online presence effectively, but it also offers a range of features to streamline the customer experience.

One such feature is the ability to add appointment links directly to your Google My Business profile.

In this article, we will explore what appointment links are, how to add them, the benefits they bring, and whether you are eligible to incorporate this valuable tool into your business strategy.

What are Appointment Links in Google My Business?

Appointment links in Google My Business are direct links that allow potential customers to book appointments or schedule services with your business seamlessly.

appointment link in Google My Business

These links provide a convenient way for users to connect with your business directly from your Google My Business listing.

By eliminating the need for customers to navigate through various web pages or external platforms, appointment links simplify the appointment booking process and enhance the overall customer experience.

With just a few clicks, potential clients can easily schedule appointments or access your appointment scheduling platform, saving them time and effort. 

By incorporating appointment links into your Google My Business profile, you can streamline the booking process and attract more customers to your business.

How to Add Appointment Links in Google My Business?

Adding appointment links to your Google My Business profile is a straightforward process. Follow these simple steps to incorporate this valuable feature into your business strategy:

  • Sign in to your Google My Business account by visiting
  • Once signed in, you'll be directed to your Google My Business dashboard. If you have multiple locations, select the business listing for which you want to add an appointment link.
  • Click on the "Bookings" option. 

bookings button gmb

  • Scroll down to the “Add a link” option.
  • Copy and paste the appropriate appointment link into the "Booking URL" field. Ensure that the link is correct and fully functional before proceeding.
  • Click on the "Save" button to save your changes. This action will update your Google My Business listing with the newly added appointment link.

It's always a good practice to review your Google My Business listing to ensure that the appointment link appears correctly. You can also test the link by clicking on it to verify that it directs users to the intended destination.

What are the Benefits of Adding an Appointment Link in Google My Business?

Incorporating appointment links into your Google My Business (GMB) profile offers numerous advantages for your business. Here are some key benefits:

Streamlined Customer Experience

By adding appointment links to your GMB listing, you provide a hassle-free way for potential customers to book appointments or schedule services. 

With just a few clicks, users can access your appointment scheduling platform directly from your GMB profile, eliminating the need for them to navigate through multiple websites or platforms. 

booking URL

This streamlined process enhances the customer experience and improves the likelihood of converting leads into satisfied customers.

Increased Visibility and Accessibility

Including appointment links in your GMB profile makes it easier for customers to find and engage with your business. 

By offering appointment links, you stand out from competitors who may not have this feature, giving you a competitive advantage. 

Improved Conversion Rates 

The simplicity and convenience of appointment links can significantly improve conversion rates. 

When users come across your GMB listing and discover that booking an appointment is just a click away, they are more likely to take action. 

By reducing the friction in the booking process, appointment links encourage users to move forward and convert into actual appointments or service bookings.

Time and Resource Management

Appointment links help businesses optimize their time and resources. 

By providing customers with the ability to schedule appointments online, you reduce the need for manual appointment booking and phone call interactions. 

This frees up valuable time for you and your staff to focus on delivering exceptional service rather than managing appointment logistics.

Data Collection and Insights

When users book appointments through your GMB appointment links, you gain valuable data and insights. 

appointment analytics

This data can include customer contact information, appointment preferences, and other details that help you better understand your target audience and tailor your services accordingly. 

With this information, you can refine your marketing strategies, improve customer engagement, and drive business growth.

In summary, adding appointment links to your GMB profile enhances the customer experience, boosts visibility, increases conversion rates, optimizes time and resource management, and provides valuable data for business insights. By taking advantage of this feature, you can attract more customers, streamline appointment booking, and ultimately grow your business.

Are You Eligible for Adding an Appointment Link in GMB?

While appointment links are a valuable feature for many businesses, it's important to note that not all types of businesses are eligible to add appointment links to their Google My Business (GMB) listings.

Google has specific guidelines regarding which businesses can utilize this feature. Here are some criteria to consider:

  • Service-based businesses: Appointment links are primarily intended for service-based businesses that offer appointments or scheduled services. This includes professionals such as doctors, dentists, lawyers, hair salons, spas, tutors, personal trainers, and other businesses that operate on an appointment basis.

booking url for service business

  • Verified GMB listings: To add appointment links, your business must have a verified GMB listing. Verification helps ensure the accuracy and legitimacy of information provided by businesses on Google. The verification process involves verifying your business address, phone number, and other essential details.
  • Appointment-based operations: Your business should have a structured system for managing appointments or scheduled services. This means having a dedicated platform, website, or software that enables users to book appointments or schedule services directly.


  • Compliance with Google's guidelines: It's crucial to comply with Google's guidelines when adding appointment links. Ensure that your business adheres to the policies set by Google, including those related to content, reviews, and user experience. Violating these guidelines may result in penalties or the removal of your appointment link.

While the above criteria give a general idea of eligibility, it's recommended to review Google's official documentation and guidelines for the most up-to-date and specific information. Keep in mind that eligibility requirements may vary based on location and industry.

If your business meets the necessary criteria, you can take advantage of appointment links to enhance your GMB listing and provide a seamless booking experience for your customers.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, adding appointment links to your Google My Business (GMB) profile can significantly benefit your business.

If your business meets the eligibility criteria, don't hesitate to leverage this powerful feature and take your GMB listing to the next level. Get started today and unlock the full potential of appointment links in Google My Business.

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