Google Business Photos Not Approved? Here's How to Fix Them

Nov 23, 2023

Are your Google Business photos not getting approved? It's frustrating if you keep trying to upload photos of your business, but they keep getting rejected. 

Many business owners and local SEO marketers have had to deal with the same issue, so the good news is that there are steps you can take to rectify this.

In this article, we'll delve into some potential reasons why Google might not be giving your photos the green light. 

We'll also discuss the Google guidelines for adding photos to GMB  to ensure your images meet Google's expectations.

So, let's get those photos approved and enhance your business's online visibility!

Why Add Photos to Google Business?

Adding photos to your Google Business profile is one of the ways in which you can optimize your Google Business listing to enhance your online presence.

In today's digital era, visuals play a crucial role in attracting and retaining potential customers.

High-quality, relevant photos not only make your business listing more appealing but also grant a sneak peek into what customers can expect from your business.

Moreover, these images can act as silent testimonials, showcasing your products or services, and even highlighting the ambiance and decor if you run a physical establishment. 

google photos interior

By doing so, they build trust and credibility, persuading potential customers to choose you over your competitors.

To top it off, Google's algorithm favors listings with photos, meaning your business is likely to rank higher in local search results, increasing visibility and customer engagement. 

To be clear, photos don't form part of Google’s local SEO algorithm. However, Google will likely prefer to rank complete Google Business profiles instead of empty ones.

Therefore, adding photos to Google Business isn't just beneficial—it's essential for your brand's success.

Why do Google Business Photos Get Rejected?

The reasons behind Google Business Photos getting rejected can be quite multifaceted, and understanding them is the first step towards rectifying the issue.

Image Quality

One of the primary reasons could be related to the quality of the photo. Google requires images to be in focus, well-lit, and free from significant alterations or excessive use of filters.

This ensures that the photos accurately represent your business and provide reliable information to consumers.

Image Format and Size

Google Business Profile only accepts images in JPG and PNG formats. If your photos are in a different format, they will get rejected. So, it's advisable to ensure all your images are either in JPG or PNG before uploading.

google business photo sizes
Image source: Manypixels

In terms of size, Google has some specific recommendations. The minimum resolution for photos should be 720 pixels wide by 720 pixels high. Anything less than this might not be accepted. On the other hand, the maximum file size is 5 MB. If your image exceeds this limit, you'll need to reduce its size.

Image Content Issues

Another common reason for rejection could be the inclusion of inappropriate or irrelevant content in the photos. 

This includes content that promotes: 

  • Nudity
  • Violence
  • Terrorism
  • Hate speech

Images used in Google My Business should be directly related to the business itself and must adhere to Google's content policies.

Additionally, if your photos include personal information or infringe upon copyright laws, Google is likely to reject them. It's crucial to ensure that all uploaded images respect privacy norms and intellectual property rights.

Issues with Your Google Account

If your listing has been suspended, it essentially means Google has temporarily deactivated your profile due to certain discrepancies or violations.

suspended gmb listing

In such cases, you won't be able to add images until the suspension is lifted.

This could happen for a variety of reasons - from incorrect or misleading information to multiple listings for the same location. It's crucial to ensure your business complies with Google's guidelines to avoid such suspensions.

google local seo guidelines

On the other hand, if your listing hasn't been fully verified, your ability to manage your profile effectively may be hindered.

Verification is Google's way of ensuring that businesses are authentic and operated by real people. Once your business is verified, you're granted full access to your profile, including the ability to add photos. If your listing isn't verified, it's high time to do so.

business not verified

Issues on Google's Side

Lastly, technical issues or bugs could also result in photo rejection. If you've checked all the above and your photos are still getting rejected, it might be worth reaching out to Google Business Profile support for assistance.

Understanding these potential pitfalls can help you better curate your photos, ensuring they get approved and effectively showcase your business.

How to Appeal Google Business Photos Not Getting Approved

Check if Your Image Violates Google's Policies

When it comes to appealing rejected Google Business Photos, the first order of business is to ensure your images comply with Google's policies. Google has clear guidelines for content, and any deviation from these can lead to photos being rejected.

You should review the specific reasons for the rejection provided by Google, which could range from quality issues, inappropriate or irrelevant content, to personal information or copyright infringements.

Remove Any Problematic Content

If you find your images do violate Google's policies, the next step is to remove any problematic content. This could mean editing out any copyrighted material, removing watermarks, or deleting any inappropriate elements.

Remember, Google values authentic and original content that accurately portrays your business.

Wait Two Days Before Re-Submitting

Once you've made the necessary changes, it's recommended to wait at least two days before re-submitting your images.

This gives Google's algorithm time to process your previous submission and increases the chances of your updated images being approved.

Use the Google Business Profile Appeals Tool

In case your photos are still not getting approved, you can use the Google Business Profile appeals tool. The tool will show a list of rejected contributions, the reason for the rejection, and a link to the violated policy.

google appeals form

Following the steps outlined in the tool can help you understand the issue better and make a successful appeal.


By adhering to Google's policies, you can significantly increase the likelihood of your photos getting approved. However, in the case that your Google Business photos don't get approved, you now know how to address the problem.

Remember, these visuals are more than just pictures - they're an integral part of your online identity, playing a pivotal role in shaping customer perceptions and influencing their decisions.

So, take charge, follow these guidelines, and watch as your business reaps the benefits of a robust and visually appealing Google My Business profile.

Ruben Rogers
Ruben's background is in digital marketing, more specifically eCommerce and lead generation. He has a passion for all things tech-related, including SaaS startups, digital marketing and the Internet of Things.
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