150 SEO Keywords for Lawyers

Jul 27, 2023

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The importance of using the right keywords
150 SEO keywords for lawyers
How to optimize your website using lawyer keywords
How to optimize your Google My Business using lawyer keywords
Wrapping up

In today's digital age, optimizing your online presence has become an essential aspect of reaching and engaging potential clients.

For legal practitioners, understanding the right keywords is key to enhancing visibility in search engine results and attracting relevant traffic to your website.

In this article, we will share a list of 150 SEO keywords for lawyers.

This post will also show you how you can optimize your Google My Business listing and website with these keywords for lawyers.

Let's dive in!

The Importance of Using the Right Lawyer Keywords

Using the right lawyer keywords can make all the difference and significantly improve your online visibility.

Google, the world's leading search engine, relies heavily on on-page keywords to decipher the context of a page.

google ranking factors
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By strategically incorporating relevant and targeted lawyer keywords in your content, you help Google understand your page's purpose. In return, Google rewards you by ranking your page higher in search results for queries related to those keywords.

This can lead to increased traffic, potential client inquiries, and ultimately, business growth.

Moreover, the importance of using the right keywords extends beyond your website. It also plays a crucial role in optimizing your Google My Business (GMB) page.

gmb listing

Your GMB page serves as a snapshot of your business on the internet. It's often the first point of contact for potential clients searching for legal services.

In essence, the right lawyer keywords are more than just search terms. They are powerful tools that, when used correctly, can propel your online presence, connect you with your target audience, and drive your business forward.

150 SEO Keywords for Lawyers

Below is a list of 150 SEO keywords for lawyers, covering various legal practice areas and relevant terms. These keywords can help legal practitioners optimize their online content and attract targeted traffic to their websites.

Note: for all these keywords you can add "near me" or the name of your city to give them more relevance to the location of the searcher.

  • Personal injury lawyer
  • Personal injury lawyer near me
  • Personal injury lawyer [city or town]
  • Divorce attorney
  • Bankruptcy attorney
  • Immigration lawyer
  • Employment law firm
  • Family law attorney
  • Real estate lawyer
  • Business litigation attorney
  • Intellectual property lawyer
  • Medical malpractice attorney
  • Estate planning lawyer
  • Tax law firm
  • Workers' compensation attorney
  • Social security disability lawyer
  • Environmental law firm
  • Insurance claims lawyer
  • Contract law attorney
  • Consumer protection lawyer
  • Cybersecurity law firm
  • Employment discrimination attorney
  • Securities law lawyer
  • Landlord-tenant attorney
  • Product liability lawyer
  • Trademark law firm
  • Copyright attorney
  • Immigration law lawyer
  • Bankruptcy protection attorney
  • Child custody lawyer
  • Mergers and acquisitions law firm
  • Workplace discrimination attorney
  • Business contract lawyer
  • Environmental protection attorney
  • Property law lawyer
  • Medical negligence law firm
  • Employment rights attorney
  • Social security disability claims lawyer
  • Civil liberties law firm
  • Corporate governance attorney
  • Tax planning lawyer
  • Work-related injury law firm
  • Consumer rights attorney
  • Data privacy lawyer
  • Family dispute resolution attorney
  • Entertainment law firm
  • International trade lawyer
  • Intellectual property rights attorney
  • Real estate transactions lawyer
  • Trusts and estates law firm
  • Corporate law attorney
  • Securities fraud lawyer
  • Landlord-tenant dispute attorney
  • Defective products law firm
  • Patent attorney
  • Immigration visa lawyer
  • Chapter 11 bankruptcy law firm
  • Child support attorney
  • Business contract negotiation lawyer
  • Environmental compliance law firm
  • Medical malpractice claims attorney
  • Wrongful termination lawyer
  • Social security disability benefits law firm
  • Civil rights violations attorney
  • Data breach law firm
  • Employment contract lawyer
  • Personal injury claims attorney
  • Product liability claims lawyer
  • Trademark registration law firm
  • Copyright infringement attorney
  • Immigration green card lawyer
  • Bankruptcy Chapter 7 law firm
  • Child custody mediation attorney
  • Business formation lawyer
  • Environmental impact assessment law firm
  • Tax evasion lawyer
  • Workplace accident attorney
  • Consumer fraud law firm
  • Cybercrime attorney
  • Family mediation lawyer
  • International arbitration law firm
  • Intellectual property licensing attorney
  • Real estate development lawyer
  • Estate administration law firm
  • Corporate compliance attorney
  • Securities regulation lawyer
  • Landlord-tenant eviction law firm
  • Defamation attorney
  • Patent infringement lawyer
  • Immigration naturalization law firm
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney
  • Child adoption lawyer
  • Business contract dispute law firm
  • Environmental sustainability attorney
  • Medical negligence defense lawyer
  • Employment harassment law firm
  • Social security disability appeal attorney
  • Civil rights restoration lawyer
  • Data protection law firm
  • Entertainment contract attorney
  • International investment lawyer
  • Intellectual property enforcement law firm
  • Real estate title search attorney
  • Trusts and estates planning lawyer
  • Corporate mergers law firm
  • Securities litigation attorney
  • Landlord-tenant rights lawyer
  • Product recall law firm
  • Trademark infringement attorney
  • Copyright fair use lawyer
  • Immigration asylum law firm
  • Bankruptcy Chapter 11 attorney
  • Child guardianship lawyer
  • Business dissolution law firm
  • Environmental remediation attorney
  • Tax audit lawyer
  • Workplace discrimination defense law firm
  • Consumer protection claims attorney
  • Lawyers that do wills
  • Family law consultation law firm
  • International business attorney
  • Intellectual property dispute lawyer
  • Real estate financing law firm
  • Estate planning and probate attorney
  • Corporate governance compliance lawyer
  • Securities fraud investigation law firm
  • Landlord-tenant lease attorney
  • Defective products liability lawyer
  • Patent application law firm
  • Immigration deportation attorney
  • Best injury lawyer near me
  • Child visitation law firm
  • Business contract review attorney
  • Environmental conservation law firm
  • Medical malpractice defense lawyer
  • Employment contract negotiation attorney
  • Social security disability eligibility law firm
  • Civil rights discrimination lawyer
  • Data privacy regulation law firm
  • Entertainment licensing attorney
  • International trade disputes lawyer
  • Intellectual property portfolio law firm
  • Real estate leasing attorney
  • Trusts and estates administration law firm
  • Corporate restructuring lawyer
  • Securities enforcement law firm
  • Landlord-tenant eviction defense attorney
  • Defamation defense lawyer
  • Patent litigation law firm
  • Immigration work visa attorney

How to Optimize Your Website Using Lawyer Keywords

Optimizing your law firm's website with the right lawyer keywords is a strategic move that can significantly improve your online visibility and attract more potential clients. 

But where do these keywords go?

The answer is - almost everywhere. Your website consists of multiple elements, each providing an opportunity for keyword optimization.

Starting with the content on your pages, incorporating relevant keywords into your text can help Google understand what your page is about. This includes your homepage, about us page, service pages, and blog posts.

lawyer website

However, it's essential to maintain a natural and readable flow of information. Keyword stuffing, or overusing keywords in an unnatural way, can lead to penalties from Google.

Meta tags, including title tags and meta descriptions, are also crucial areas for keyword placement. These elements appear in search engine results and can influence whether a user clicks on your listing.

Including a targeted keyword in your title tag and meta description can improve your search engine rankings and click-through rates.

Your website's URL structure is another element that can be optimized with keywords. URLs that include relevant keywords can provide both users and search engines with more information about the page content.

Image alt tags provide an excellent opportunity for adding keywords as well. These tags describe the content of images on your website to search engines, helping to improve your site's SEO.

Remember, the goal of using keywords is not just to rank higher in search engine results, but to attract the right audience to your website. Therefore, it's crucial to use keywords that are relevant to your law firm's services and target market.

How to Optimize Your Google My Business Using Lawyer Keywords

Optimizing your Google My Business (GMB) listing with the right lawyer keywords is just as crucial as optimizing your website. 

Here are some key areas where you can incorporate your lawyer keywords:

1. Business Category

Selecting the correct business category is the first step in optimizing your GMB listing. Google uses your chosen category to decide which searches your business should appear in, so it's essential to choose one that accurately represents your law firm. If you specialize in a specific area of law, such as family law or personal injury, make sure to select that as your category.

gmb business categories

2. Business Description

Your business description is the perfect place to incorporate some of your targeted keywords. This section should provide a clear and concise overview of your law firm and the services you offer. By naturally integrating relevant keywords into your description, you can improve your listing's visibility for those terms.

business description

3. Google Posts

Google Posts allow businesses to share updates, announcements, or offers directly on their GMB listing. These posts appear on the search results page when someone looks up your business, providing an excellent opportunity to showcase your services. Incorporating your lawyer keywords into these posts can help boost their visibility in relevant searches.

google post

4. Photos and Videos

While you can't incorporate text-based keywords into your photos and videos, you can use them strategically to highlight your services. For example, if you've chosen "personal injury lawyer" as one of your keywords, you could include images or video testimonials from clients you've helped with personal injury cases.

5. Services/Products

The Services or Products section is another area where you can incorporate your keywords. List all the legal services you provide, and try to match these services with your chosen keywords where possible.

gmb services

6. Reviews

While you have no control over what clients write in their reviews, having reviews that mention the legal services (keywords) you offer can be beneficial for your SEO.

Remember, consistency is key. The same keywords you target on your website should also be targeted in your GMB listing to create a cohesive SEO strategy. With the right approach, using lawyer keywords in your GMB listing can help you reach more potential clients and grow your law firm.

Wrapping Up

Mastering the art of SEO and understanding the power of keywords is an essential step towards success in the digital landscape for any law firm.

By strategically incorporating relevant lawyer keywords across your website and Google My Business listing, you can effectively communicate with search engines, enhance your online visibility, and connect with your target audience.

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